The 2018 Heads of Support Survey!

The 2018 Heads of Support Survey!

I’ve been working on a new project, and it’s now ready for your participation!

Click to take the Heads of Support Survey

Support Driven is collecting anonymous information on how we run our support departments. Budget? Turnover rate? Staff-to-manager ratio? The Heads of Support Survey will help you see how similar companies and departments are run.

Support other leaders who wish to advocate for what their teams need by participating in this survey!

Here’s the Support Driven blog post which explains how this project was put together.




What are the dominant personality types in Support Driven?

I am an INFJ. In one day, I met two other Support Driven folks who were also INFJ. Considering that this is a rare personality type (estimates say about 1% of the population) I guessed that perhaps this was a popular career path for those of us with this rare personality.

But how can I be sure, without doing a poll?

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