Starting my career in support

This post is a part of a series, prompted by the fall 2018 Support Driven Writing Challenge.

When did you start your career in support and why? What’s your favorite thing about working in support?

In my previous post, On Motivation And Commitment, I outlined my professional path to working in support. But for this writing challenge, I’d like to elaborate more on what it was about this job that made me think it could be my career.


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UX vs UI vs CX vs…

UX vs UI vs CX vs…

As the Tech world changes, we’re seeing new job titles, department names, and individual roles appearing and disappearing. This is a normal part of expansion; any industry in a growth period is going to experiment with the language used to describe what it does and what it’s made of.

However, this is quite confusing for those of us working in the Tech industry who are trying to map out our careers (and it’s especially confusing for those of us trying to get into Tech at all).

I’d like to breakdown a few of the common techie job titles that overlap regularly with support roles. This will hopefully make things easier for us as we navigate the job market!

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On Motivation And Commitment

When you ask Millennials why they love the job that they do, they are likely to tell you that they are passionate about it. This is sometimes accompanied by a story of when they had a job that was miserable for them, and then they had a revelation that lead them to leave that terrible job and start their own underwater basket weaving co-op.

But overall, most people who are highly satisfied with their careers have more than just something that they are passionate about. They have autonomy, they feel competent, and they get along well with the people they work with.

And, most importantly, they have a job that supports the life that they want to live.

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