About Me

Hello! Thank you for visiting. Here’s some information if you want to get to know me!

I have been working in the tech world since 2014, and prior to that, I worked as an educator in museums and parks. I work for a tech company that makes interactive online textbooks for college courses. I served in a support role until 2018; since then I have been a UX Designer.

I love learning, problem-solving, and helping people; I enjoy having a career where I can do all three on a daily basis.

I was invited to speak at SUPCONF 2017 in Seattle, WA. You can read about my presentation here!

In my free time, I enjoy cats, museums, and hiking with my family.  In college, I started as a violin performance major and ended with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology; I love learning and am reading whenever I get the chance!

I can be contacted at hopkins.giovanna@gmail.com, or through any of the social media links in the menu above and to the left.

I’d be happy to chat if you reach out!

The Netherlands