Starting my career in support

This post is a part of a series, prompted by the fall 2018 Support Driven Writing Challenge.

When did you start your career in support and why? What’s your favorite thing about working in support?

In my previous post, On Motivation And Commitment, I outlined my professional path to working in support. But for this writing challenge, I’d like to elaborate more on what it was about this job that made me think it could be my career.


My Values

When I tell people what I do, I say I support students who are using online textbooks for college courses. I help them pass their classes and graduate on time. We have the data to show that intervening early really makes a difference in whether a struggling student catches up, and in turn, whether the education they receive has the chance to impact their life in a positive way.

I knew that this support job was not just any support job. I value education deeply, and as a former homeschooler, I’m always looking for ways to reform and disrupt the system. Highly interactive, customizable, affordable online resources seem like a great way to do that! It’s easy to be on board with the mission of the company and the goals we help our users achieve.

My Vision

I’m the type of person who is always planning for the future. Whenever I was in a job that I sensed was a dead-end, no matter how enjoyable it was, I was never happy. I needed room to grow. I enjoy a challenge. Working for a small company allowed me the opportunity to grow with it. Not having a defined path before me was exciting! I was drawn to the open possibilities in the future that this job gave me. The world of support is vast, and there are many paths to various specialties and opportunities for advancement.

My Needs

I’ve got a family to support. This support job was my first “real” job that came with health insurance, paid time off, and all the other normal bells and whistles. These jobs are harder to find than most people think, even in a first world country. I cannot overstate how grateful I was to accept a job with benefits just a few days before I was about to lose my coverage at the time.

I’m a social person who loves people. The support community turned out to be a great resource that allowed me to have a truly spectacular professional network!

My Favorite Thing

My favorite thing about working in support is watching people get past real barriers in their lives, and knowing I’m a part of that. It would be hard for me to go to work each day if I didn’t have that driving me. Now I do a lot more User Experience Design, which allows me to take the feedback and solve the problems that my users face. So now I am a part of both the short- and long-term solutions.



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