Hello! If you enjoyed my SUPCONF 2017 Seattle talk about how emotional boundaries contribute to burnout, here are some resources you can check out to learn more.


Video of the talk:

On mindfulness:

What’s Your Meditation Type? (including top 5 apps)

In my breakout session, I mentioned Alan Wallace. Here are some audio files.

Benefits of meditation 

How to Meditate 

On baseline:

Basic relaxation tips

List of relaxation techniques (words to Google!)

Study on music relaxation, PTSD, and insomnia

Study on mindfulness and emotional balance

Plan a Staycation 

The following article explores baseline from a more advanced perspective than I did in my talk: That New Car Smell  (emotional baseline and the hedonic treadmill)

In my breakout session, I mentioned self-hypnosis tracks that I listen to before bed: Brilliant Side

On minding your own business:

The Only Thing You Need To Get Good At

Byron Katie writes a lot about this, and if you struggle greatly with it, check out her cheesy (and very effective) self-help practice called The Work.

Let Go, Be Happy

Letting Go Of What You Can’t Control 

On differentiation:

Passionate Marriage by David Schnarch 

How To Grow Up

The Emotional Boundaries You Need At Work

Differentiation Of Self

This article outlines five different ways a lack of differentiation can express itself: No Boundaries

On Empathy Vs. Compassion:

Five Reasons You Should Be Less Empathetic

When Empathy Hurts, Compassion Heals

The Limits of Empathy

My Slides:

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