Why do people in support change jobs?

Thanks to the #jobs channel in the Support Driven Slack community, I’ve read a lot of job listings. I began to get curious about why people apply to the jobs that they choose to apply to.

Many of the job listings say they are looking for someone who has a passion for the product or for the area of expertise the product deals with. But is that what ultimately draws people to a position? Or are the job seekers differently motivated than the job posters?

I created a poll and asked Support Driven members why they were interviewing for the last job that they applied for.

I included every possible reason I could think of. People were allowed to choose as many options as they wanted.

Here are the results:



Let’s zoom in on the top answers:

results 2.png


When I started my current job three years ago, these are what I was looking for. I had a job I really loved as an educator at a state park. But the position came with near minimum wages, no benefits, and no room to grow.




results 3.pngresults 4.png

This makes me sad! It’s always hard to spend the majority of your time in a place where you’re unhappy. It’s an enormous privilege to be in a position where it’s an option to change your job at all. And as you can see, changing jobs for a luxury reason (wanting change) was also a top pick.




results 5.png   results 7.png

Company culture is what attracts and keeps your employees. If they feel at home, if they feel like they’ve found their people… they will likely stay.

It’s no shock: people really enjoy working remotely these days. It’s one of the benefits of living in the future.




results 6.png


Some people are comforted by strictly defined roles at work, and some feel restrained. I think Millenials especially desire flexibility when it comes to their responsibilities so they can pursue things they are curious or passionate about.




results 8.png



We finally reach the reason seen on so many job listings. 🙂





results 9.png



How cool is it that so few people were forced to find a new job due to a job loss?





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